Monday, January 24, 2005

Nightlife at "The Honch" in Yokosuka, Japan

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Saturday evening, I decided to adventure out into Yokosuka's nightlife. Right across the street from my apartment there was the famous area called, "The Honch". I didn't really know what I was going to expect when I was about to embark on this journey at 11 p.m. And boy, it is a major change from the daylight hours hustle of rush-hour and normal life. It can be easily compared to Tijuana, Mexico without all the yelling, screaming and girls going topless. It was a little crazy, a lot of Japanese socializing, which I don't usually see everyday. Loud talking, drunkenness, and the melody of pop music is pumped out from the various club's windows. There was a lot of people standing outside of clubs trying to invite people to come in. Those people bow and combine hand gestures which signal which direction they want you to enter and speak a bunch of jibberish that I can't understand in Japanese.

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I was offered massages by several attractive Japanese females. And I'm not talking about a back massage... I'm talking about the kind of massage that will get me divorced! I've heard the stories where foreign nationals ask a cab to take them to a massage parlor and they get taken to a MASSAGE parlor: getting stripped bare and being sexually violated. Anyways, since Yokosuka is near a US Naval Base, there is shore patrol all over the place making sure that sailors don't get in trouble with the Japanese. It's gotta suck being them... Well, I almost stepped into a pile of puke and was offered rides to Kamakura via taxi. The trains stop at midnight so the taxis are all over the place. There were a lot of dressed up Japanese guys with hearing aids attached to wires that run down their trench coats. It looked like they were the Yakuza clan or something... At about 1:00 in the morning I decided to call it quits and walked across the street to my home-sweet-home.

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scottydude said...

I was really surprised to discover what party animals the Japanese can be. It seems that getting drunk is the only time they feel free to let go and express their emotions, usually with unpleasant results.

Have you learned about the "bitter smile" yet? This is when a Japanese smiles at you even though they may be angry or upset at you. I learned this from my Japanese students (I'm an English teacher) who smiled at me even when I was criticizing them. It's a way the Japanese can maintain a polite facade even when deep down they're thinking "F*%# you!"

L@L@ said...

i know this car...hoohoho